Cervantes and Alzamora street

Carrer Alcassares

Cristina bridge in 1925.

Cristina bridge and Anselmo Aracil street's end at the end of the XIX century.

Bridge's view in the 1900s. There's the old stone railing

Colored postcard of the 20s of Cervantes park.

Carrer Alcassares

Cervantes' statue in the 20s.

Another image of the statue. Nowadays, it's been moved to the side of the park.

Oliver's Hospital entrance about 1900.

Another photo of Oliver Hospital, in the 30s.

Carrer Alcassares

Entrance to "Aznar Rodes Widow" industry, in Nofre Jordá street. This place is also called "Old Bullring" (Plaça de Bous Vella), because in the XIX century a wooden bullring was built in this location.

The "Tou de Cervantes", about 1950. A known building that was demolished in the 1980s. This building, along with the "Plaça de Bous Vella" was named "Plazuela de Blanes".

Vulcano Alcoyano's building entrance about 1909.

Alzamora street, with the Infantry Barracks in the foreground. In the background, San Roque church. About 1920s.

Carrer Alcassares

San Roque bridge and l'Alameda avenue in 1925.

San Roque bridge and church in the 40s and 70s.

General view of the zone from Emilio Sala square (el Terrer).

Old San Roque bridge, Alcoy old exit towards Castilla. It was unmounted when the river was remodeled.

"Tou de Cervantes" in the 70s.

Alzamora street in the 60s

Some buildings in Alzamora street in the 60s.

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