El Camí street and "el Partidor"

Carrer Alcassares

The "Asilo de los Pobres" (poorhouse), finished in 1891 in el Camí street.

El Camí street in 1925. In the foreground "la Maquinista Alcoyana" a metallurgy, and in the background, the "Asilo de los Pobres". 

The famous "pilonets" (little pillars) in San Mateo street. They have been replaced when the "la Sang" reconstruction happened.

Cova Santa street, in "la Sang" neighborhood, in the 70s, before its reconstruction.

Carrer Alcassares

The "Placeta de les Eres" during the Moors and Christians parade preparations.

Another image of the Placeta de les Eres, with the fountain in the foreground.

Sant Nicolauet street (higher part of San Nicolás street) where the Forn del Vidre street is.

Forn del Vidre street. This fountain has been moved because of the left house being demolished.

Carrer Alcassares

The "Partidor" in 1965 Moors and Christians. It's the place where the parade begins, but its name comes from the building on the right. There, the water from the Molinar spring is divided (partida) to serve the numerous fountains in Alcoy.

The Sant Vicent Ferrer alley in 1961. 

Two photos of Sant Vicent Ferrer alley in 2013, before its demolition.

Lower part of el Camí street, with some buildings that were rebuilt with "la Sang" reform.

Carrer Alcassares

El Camí street in the 70s

Sant Vicent street facing the historic center.

Old industrial building in the Sant Vicent-Molinar road crossing.

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