The Glorieta and San Nicolás street

Carrer Alcassares

Image of San Nicolás street and the Glorieta park, with its old wooden fence and the old San Mauro and San Francisco church's bell tower in the background.

Image of the Glorieta about 1910.

Glorieta's dovecote, when the park was named "Parque de los Mártires de la Liberad".

A Glorieta's photo from the Guía de Alcoy (1925).

Carrer Alcassares

The dovecote in the 70s. In the video, you can see how the trees have grown.

The Glorieta in the 1910s. The trees still haven't grown, and the Camí street houses can be seen.

Facade of the old San Mauro and San Francisco church, and the building in which the court was located.

Ramón y Cajal square, with Santa María in the end of San Nicolás street.

Carrer Alcassares

In this image of the late 20s, the house in the corner has been reformed.

The fountain in the disappeared San Francisco park. There's also a part of the court building.

La Cordeta street, in the 70s-80s.

San Nicolás street in the 20s. The Industrial Circle is located in the right.

Carrer Alcassares

Industrial Circle's garden at the beginning of the XX century. The Rotonda and Largo lounges aren't the current ones, as they were rebuilt in the 40s.

Industrial Circle's cave, built in 1896 by architects Vicente Pascual and Timoteo Briet.

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