Welcome to Alcoi in photos: Past and Present! This webpage is based on the video in which I compare old photos of Alcoy with their current aspect. You can watch it above. There are two versions: the short one, if you don't have much time, and the long one, if you want to watch all the comparisons and you have free time (it's 1 hour long).

Currently, this website is being rebuilt for a better performance, so it is possible that some of the sections appear incomplete.

In this website you'll find the following sections:


Here there is every single video posted on YouTube, linked to the minute when it appears. They are ordered by geograhical areas. There's also a short description about the place it fetures (only on the computer version).

Plaça de Dins
Photos in detail
Plaza de España
Alcoy explained
Plaza de España
Historical maps
Plaza de España
Photo collection
Plaza de España

If you didn't pay attention to an old photo's details, here they are highlighted so you can discover them. Also, there is a zoom window so you can look closely at them.

"Alcoy explained" is a blog where I tell something about the history of some of Alcoy's emblematic places, but also unknown ones. I try to explain everything in an easy to understand way, with photos and maps to illustrate.

In this section you can see almost every map of Alcoy that has been published since 1836. Some of them are restored for more detail. Since the 40s, there are also aerical photos, from the ICV.

Lastly, in this page there is a full collection of all Alcoy's old photos that I could gather, even if they didn't appear in the videos.

In addition, there is a list of all the books used to write this web, and where I got most of the images. Highly reccomendable for learning about Alcoy's history and urbanism.

Here, you will find sites of interest, and those who collaborated with this project.

Plaza de España
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