País Valencià and Parterre park

Carrer Alcassares

Spain's Bank (actual Culture House), built in 1927, in a colored postal card of the 30s.

1900s photo, with the Estrella fountain in a corner of the square.

The same place, 40 or 50 years later.

Old "Hostal Nou", located where the actual Culture House is. It was demolished in 1913 because of its disrepair.

Carrer Alcassares

País Valencià avenue in the 20s. The first section was called Laporta street those years.

El old Post Office in the Guía Vicedo (1925)

The Parterre park , with the Post Office in the background.

The former fountain in the Parterre.

Carrer Alcassares

Another image of the Parterre at the beginning of the century.

Albors' Palace facade in the 20s.

The Charity house in the 20s. Nowadays "Emilio Sala" retirement home.

Image of País Valencià avenue in mid XX century.

Carrer Alcassares

"Anselmo Aracil street" in a postcard from the 1900s.

Another postcard from the 1910s from the Avenue's lower part.

Alacant street (the zone called "la Beniata") with snow and without buildings in the 20s.

Post Office at the beginning of the century.

Carrer Alcassares

Post Office in the 20s

View of País Valencià avenue from the old Post Office.

Demolition of the Charity House in 1974

Charity House's main entrance.

Carrer Alcassares

Demolition of the Charity House in 1974.

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