Raval Nou

Sant Mateu street, with the old building that today is the Sant Mateu market, on the left. About 1910.

Paulas' building on its centenary celebration in 1930.

The same Sant Mateu street in the 70s, still with the old La Sang neighborhood.

Sant Mateu passage gave way to the smoking paper factory "Payá Miralles", which can be seen in the background. Year 1909.

Sant Mateu fountain, photographed in the early 1900s. It's located on the Glorieta's wall, and today it's conserved quite decently.

Esclavas' building, which had a school and a chapel. It was sadly demolished to build a parking and offices building.

The "Caja de Ahorros" and "Monte de Piedad" (Mount of Piety) of Alcoy was relocated in this building in 1914. Nowadays it has been rehabilitated by the CAM, but it has no actual use.

The Red Cross' building, today inexistent, located in Sant Francesc square. Nowadays the square is called of "la Creu Roja" because of this building.

Photo of St. Francisco street from the San Mauro y San Francisco bell tower.

San Francisco street before finishing the San Mauro y San Francisco bell tower. Decade of the 50s.

Blayet shop, who patented the Bimbo sliced bread mark, and was bought by a million pesetas.

San Francisco and San Mauro streets crossing.

Lower part of San Francisco street, with some known shops.

General view of old la Sang neighborhood, rebuilt in the 90s.

Image of Sant Francesc street in the 70s, when it was a shopping street in the center of Alcoy.

San Mateo street, also before reconstruction of La Sang neigborhood.

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