Related sites & Special thanks

Special thanks:

  • Masía la Mota and Indira Amaya, who has helped me spread this website and has let me make some before-after videos for her hotel.

  • Archaeological Museum Camil Visedo and Josep Maria Segura, who has given some photos and has shown support for this project

  • Batoi's Neighborhood Association, who has given almost 40 photos of Batoi to the realization of "Batoi en fotos: Passat i Present". All images were donated by neighbors to the Association.

  • And my parents and María Verdú, who have helped me lots of times with the "behind the scenes". Lots of photos wouldn't have been made if it wasn't for them.

Masía la Mota

Rural hotel located in the Font Roja Natural Park.

Museu Arqueològic Camil Visedo

Alcoy's archaeological museum, located in the Placeta del Carbó.

Batoi's Neighborhood Association

"Batoi en fotos: Passat i Present" was possible because of this Association's help.


Fotos i Historietes d'Alcoi

Group where people share photos and stories about Alcoy.


Óscar Monllor Nadal

He has some old Moors and Christians videos, and some of Alcoy in 1923.


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