Santo Tomás street and San Jorge bridge

Construction of Reconquista hotel, in the 50s.

Photo of Sant Jordi bridge, just after its opening. The San Agustín Convent can be seen in the background.

Evolution of Sant Jordi bridge, from its construction until its last rehabilitation.

The end of Santo Tomás street was the San Jorge square, because it was closed until the bridge's construction. In the video you can see the evolution of this area.

San Jorge's fountain, located at the homonym square, that disappeared (along with the part of Santo Sepulcro convent in the photo) when Santo Tomás street was widened.

The ancient de San Jorge church, built in 1690 and reconstructed in the 10s (2 videos).

San Jorge bridge in the 30s. In the background, the "Huerta Mayor", today's Eixample, still didn't have buildings in it.

Another view of Santo Tomás street in the 50s.

Santo Tomás street in the late 20s, when the house on the right still didn't exist.

Left side of Santo Tomás street in the 20s, just after the Principal theater.

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